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Static Code Analysis

Bugs and security vulnerabilities are best found and resolved closest to where they are introduced – at the desktop or through a Continuous Integration build. Finding these sooner and fixing them quickly translates into delivering better products, faster. Klocwork runs while code is created, checking line-by-line, so issues are immediately identified and addressed. In-context resolution, to ensure remediation is done by the right people – those closest to the code.

Error tracebacks and context-sensitive help

Klocwork marks code errors and security weaknesses in your code as you type. Think of it as a spell checker for C/C++, Java or C# source code. Investigate the depth of the issue with the traceback path, which identifies and describes each of the statements in the code that are contributing to a particular issue. Get details on each issue or security risk with Klocwork best practices links in the context-sensitive help for additional information on a particular area of software security.

Through complete program analysis of syntax, semantics, variable estimation, and control and data flow, static code analysis finds issues that are difficult or impossible to find through manual testing. That’s because SCA is based on application structure and data, covering a much broader set of scenarios than a developer ever could.

Klocwork takes C and C++ static code analysis to the next level – making it happen on-the-fly. By bringing the power of analysis to the developer’s desktop and displaying results while lines of code are being written, problems are discovered (and fixed) at the earliest possible point before the build.

This means less testing later and fewer downstream impacts to cost and schedule. Klocwork also broadens analysis coverage well beyond syntax and semantics, identifying critical security, safety, and coding standards issues in front of developers’ eyes – well before check in.

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