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Automated Security Checking

Locate even the most elusive programming bugs and identify where code can be susceptible using Klocwork static analysis for C, C++, Java, and C# source code. Apply industry and security standards using pre-configured checkers, or create your own to support your organization’s quality, SLA, and security mandates.

Klocwork finds hundreds of errors on well-validated, feasible execution paths by applying inter-procedural control flow, data flow, value-range propagation, and symbolic logic evaluation.
See the kinds of issues Klocwork finds, complete with selected bug examples, including code snippets and detailed descriptions.

Protect your code, your product, your brand, and your livelihood with Klocwork static code analysis. Klocwork automates the detection of hundreds of potential security vulnerabilities in source code from the convenience of the developer desktop and the speed of Continuous Integration (CI) systems. Apply a consistent, best practice approach to identifying, fixing and managing real security vulnerabilities across your organization.

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