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Real Time Detection

The security landscape is constantly changing. Ensure your code is security-aware and compliant with Klocwork standard security and industry checkers. Security vulnerabilities and reliability issues are presented on the developer desktop or through Continuous Integration build results. With real time detection, developers can identify and fix these issues before code is merged into the release.

Write the right code, at the right time, and commit with confidence.

Error tracebacks and context-sensitive help – Klocwork marks security weaknesses and code errors in your code as you type. Think of it as a spell checker for C/C++, Java or C# source code. Investigate the depth of the issue with the traceback path, which identifies and describes each of the statements in the code that are contributing to a particular issue. Get details on each issue or security risk with Klocwork best practices links in the context-sensitive help for additional information on a particular area of software security.

Consistency within the team and across many teams is critical. That’s why Klocwork pushes the chosen security coding standards and their associated checkers and taxonomies to every developer’s desktop. Everyone is notified as they write their code if they have violated the standards or introduced any vulnerabilities or defects. Fix any potential software security problems immediately, before code check-in. This frees up valuable developer time to work on more critical assignments.

Klocwork includes built-in security reports based on the latest security standards such as the CWE Top 25, CERT-C, DISA-STIG and others which make it easy to share the security vulnerability trends with management and other stakeholders. To help get new team members up to speed as quickly as possible, Klocwork provides issue-specific links to our help knowledge base, allowing the entire team to share and learn from industry best practices for each specific defect type, explaining both the risk and how to best mitigate each issue.

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