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Klocwork supports in excess of 80 C/C++ compilers including those used by embedded software developers. Klocwork integrates with Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and Eclipse based IDEs, can be integrated with Continuous Integration systems such as Jenkins and work alongside all popular source code management systems including ClearCase, CVS, git, TFS, Perforce and Subversion.

Klocwork Server Platforms

The Klocwork Server package is supported on the following operating systems (except where noted). This means that Klocwork has performed the full test suite on these operating systems with certain hardware and technical support will be provided.

Klocwork Build Tools

The following platforms support the Klocwork Build tools package.

Klocwork Supported IDEs

Supported C/C++ IDEs
Supported C# IDEs
Supported Java IDEs

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